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Investment Management


Whether you choose comprehensive or directed management planning our consultants use the same process. Strategic Wealth Management Planning (SWMP) is a financial planning

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Wealth Planning


CapEthica’s Wealth Management Planning Strategy can help you achieve your financial goals by mitigating risk exposures and enhancing performance of your assists.

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Asset Management


CapEthica provides a wide range of investment solutions around the world from rigorous fundamental and quantitative active management approaches aimed at maximising profit margins

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Investment Management Planning Process

Investment Management Planning is one of the most daunting tasks anyone can consider.

It involves not only to plan protecting your assets over a long period of time, but also ensuring they gain values.

Whether you choose comprehensive or directed management planning our consultants use the same process. Strategic Wealth Management Planning (SWMP) is a financial planning process that is principally comprised of six various important stages.

These stages can be briefly summarised as follows: Stage 1: The Initial Meeting

At this stage our experienced fund consultants will discuss your goals in general and briefly review your current situation.

We will explore your expectations, your beliefs, your fears and what you are confident about. We will look at current financial situation and discuss how you feel about your experiences and progress to date.

We will explain our strategy and approach to financial investment and planning and clarify our responsibilities as your planner and your responsibilities as a client.

The initial meeting will allow us to mutually decide whether we can effectively work together toward achieving your financial goals or not. If so, we will prepare a letter of engagement for our services.

This letter will describe in detail what we will do and what you can expect from us and will include a list of the information we will require to complete your financial plan.

Stage 2: Information Gathering & Goal Setting

In this Stage we will complete a planning structure and gather the information required to complete your plan. We will define your personal and financial goals, needs and priorities, understanding that these will change over time.

Stage 3: Initial Assessment and Clarification

Our consultants will undertake a preliminary analysis of your current financial situation (net worth, cash flow, taxes etc) and review the goals that have been established to identify any problems and opportunities or special needs that may require clarification. At this time we obtain your confirmation of the information we will use to prepare your plan.

Stage 4: Develop and Present the Plan

We will apply a comprehensive approach on wide range of existing and potential investment opportunities in order to perform a detailed analysis of each aspect of your financial situation to help us develop a choice of strategies that will allow you to achieve short-medium and long term investment goals.

Each of these strategies will take into account your values, temperament and risk tolerance. CapEthica’s Consultants can then prepare, and present to you, a written report - The Financial Plan - that will include:

  • A review and analysis of your current situation.
  • A list of your financial goals.
  • Detailed Statements of Current and Projected Cash Flow (Income and Expenses), Net Worth (Assets and Liabilities), and Income Tax.
  • A list of the actions and strategies we recommend to achieve your long-term investment objectives.
  • A suggested timetable to implement the chosen strategies.

We will closely review the report with you to answer any questions you may have and clarify any areas that may be unclear.

We review the implementation schedule to verify that the short, medium and long-term investment objectives you established in the first Stage are still valid and that you do want to take action. We will confirm with you the target dates for each item in the implementation schedule, and determine who will be responsible to complete each action listed.

Stage 5: Implement Your Plan

At this point CapEthica’s Consultants have discussed your financial objectives, analysed your current situation and developed viable plans to achieve your investment goals.

This is the most important stage of this process where an action plan will be decided with no obligation. If, however, no further action was taken at this stage the process has at best managed to clarify your long run financial position addressing its vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

We will assist you in implementing the recommendations you have chosen to realise your financial goals, and if required, coordinate contacts with other professional consultants within Department.

Stage 6: Review and Monitor Your Plan

However, if you decide to carry out our suggestions than we will monitor your plan and continually evaluate the progress towards achieving your goals.

Our dedicated consultant will review your financial plan with you usually on annual bases, thus a comprehensive report will be complied.

Our review will include a discussion of changes in your life and economic circumstances that may affect your goals - changes that may require adjustments to our recommended strategies or even a complete revision of your financial plan.

We will complete these adjustments and revisions as required.