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Investment Management


Whether you choose comprehensive or directed management planning our consultants use the same process. Strategic Wealth Management Planning (SWMP) is a financial planning

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Wealth Planning


CapEthica’s Wealth Management Planning Strategy can help you achieve your financial goals by mitigating risk exposures and enhancing performance of your assists.

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Asset Management


CapEthica provides a wide range of investment solutions around the world from rigorous fundamental and quantitative active management approaches aimed at maximising profit margins

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Investment Risk

Investment Risk is multi-dimensional and requires skilled management

This principle defines how we view and manage investment risk within your portfolio.

We believe there are three key investment risks that need to be managed:

  • Volatility Risk, the risk that large swings in asset prices may impact your portfolio value over the short term;
  • Liquidity Risk, the risk that you may not have access to your investment when you require it;
  • Shortfall Risk, the risk that your portfolio fails to meet your income and capital growth objectives within your chosen time frame.

Highly experienced expertise and skill are essential in structuring each portfolio to effectively achieve the optimal balance between the management of investment risk and the need for required returns.