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Investment Management


Whether you choose comprehensive or directed management planning our consultants use the same process. Strategic Wealth Management Planning (SWMP) is a financial planning

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Wealth Planning


CapEthica’s Wealth Management Planning Strategy can help you achieve your financial goals by mitigating risk exposures and enhancing performance of your assists.

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Asset Management


CapEthica provides a wide range of investment solutions around the world from rigorous fundamental and quantitative active management approaches aimed at maximising profit margins

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About Us

CapEthica is a dynamic Ethical Investment Fund and Financial Advisory Firm. We’re primarily an Asset Management Investment Fund mainly operating from London and New York.

We are one of the fastest growing investment funds in the World with global exposure to various investment instruments/opportunities and capital markets.

As an Ethical Investment Fund we strive ourselves not only to ensure that our client’s capital is protected, but also we will make certain our investment planning attract maximum yields with minimum risks.

Our investment policy and strategy will always be based on long-term benefits to the clients and concerned communities.

Further, we will never invest on projects, products, and services that directly involve against humanity and destruction of earth’s resources.

Our Firm deeply cares about the global environment and its communities.

That is why we will ensure that the local communities’ welfare are protected and even flourished as a result of our investments and policies.

Finally, we are proud of ourselves that transparency, integrity and confidentiality are encompassing our core value that play at the heart of our investment philosophy treating all clients equally.